Lashanthan Gopalan

It was an accident, that we found this super amazing gentleman named Saranath and his fast growing baby known as PHELIMM. I can assure it’s the best accident we have ever had.

Apart from the perfect stitching, PHELIMM offers a wide range of other value additions.

Starting off, you will be greeted and treated by Saranath, the founder or rather the father of PHELIMM. His eagerness and excitement on making the man who wears his suits looks the best and stands out from the rest will easily catch your eyes.

PHELIMM provides a range of materials (including Linen) and wide range of suit styles to choose. Saranath will suggest his opinion but also provide you the platform to think well before you decide what you actually want.
The final product is exquisite and I can assure you it would make one feel special based on my own experience. Would recommend PHELIMM to anyone without any hesitation. Good Luck and Cheers.